Monday, 23 September 2013

How to incrementally improve your career impact set a impact baseline

There are a lot of ways to think about how to get the highest impact but sometimes there are two many choices. So many we can be overwhelmed or totally lost on how to compare so many options. One thing that would make it a lot easier is if we had a career baseline that was highest impact. The easiest one I have used is what income do I think I could earn and how much income could I live off of. Lets take the numbers of being able to earn $100,000 and I could live off of $20,000 this means I could donate $80,000 to my top charity (I could also get it matched for an extra $50,000 from general electric matching my donations). This is a pretty great number $130,000 to an effective charity.

I now can use this number as my baseline to compare other possible jobs to in terms of impact. For example do I think if I were to do research and get paid $60,000 would my research be more valuable than the extra $70,000 going to my top charity? This is a much easier question to answer than the vague notion of comparing research to earning to give.

Bringing your different career options down to comparing possible impact between how much you can donate and how much impact you think a certain part of your career might make.

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